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Daniel LaBrash is an exceptional nylon-string guitarist, and sounds as if he may have some background both in the bossa nova and classical traditions. He also has a true talent for composing in the new age genre…guaranteed to slow your pace and slow your pulse. In pieces like “The Only Way”, LaBrash takes his guitar soloing into more spontaneous and passionate territory.

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Nature’s Play

(1996 LaBrash Piltch Duo)

Susan Piltch: flute
Daniel LaBrash: guitar
Mike Allen: steel string guitar
David Piltch: bass & bass percussion
Matthew Shawn Fleming: percussion
LaBrash Piltch Duo - Nature's Play

Recordings by the DANIEL LaBRASH & SUSAN PILTCH DUO (flute & guitar) are available through Indie Pool in Canada, cdbaby in the U.S. and on iTunes .

LaBrash Piltch Duo


A peaceful, elegant set

[Moe Koffman]

A wonderful musical journey

[Gene DiNovi]


(1994 LaBrash Piltch Duo)

Susan Piltch: flute & piano
Daniel LaBrash: guitar
LaBrash Piltch Duo - The Moon and Flowers

Recordings by the DANIEL LaBRASH & SUSAN PILTCH DUO (flute & guitar) are available from Indie Pool in Canada,cdbaby in the U.S. and on iTunes

The Moon and Flowers - Daniel LaBrash & Susan Piltch

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