Dan is an incredible teacher. His 25 years of experience means he has a huge ‘songbook’ – be it pop, folk, blues, classical….  He is able to find just the right piece of music that matches my ability.  Add to this his low key, patient (and I mean patient) approach you have one great teacher.  Thank you Dan, for opening my ears, mind & heart to the beauty of music.  I love it!

[ Lorraine McNally (a 50 something student) ]

I have been dedicated to teaching guitar for over 25 years. Although I am trained in classical and flamenco technique, I am equally adept in teaching many different guitar styles such as, fingerstyle, jazz, folk, ragtime, blues and popular favourites.

I welcome students of all ages and skill levels – beginner to advanced.

All lessons are tailored to meet the student’s specific needs and musical preferences.

I occasionally make use of standard method books when appropriate but much of my teaching material is drawn from my extensive, computerized library of music, including many of my own duet and solo arrangements of popular songs.


Beginners of all ages learn the basic fundamentals of guitar playing including strumming and fingerpicking the basic chords, note reading and playing melodies. Many beginners are surprised at how soon they are playing some of their favourite songs.
Although I encourage all students to learn to read music notation, I am also happy to teach adults using tablature (a simplified system that uses lines to represent strings and numbers to represent the frets).

Intermediate to Advanced

Depending on the student’s musical aspirations, they can focus on one specific style or learn various guitar styles including:

  • Classical guitar (including preparation for Royal Conservatory of Music exams, if desired)
  • Flamenco guitar technique
  • Fingerstyle (arrangements of popular songs, jazz standards, folk, ragtime and blues)

Below are some examples of the styles that I play and teach.

Also available:

  • Music theory
  • Fingerstyle jazz using the Daniel LaBrash “Connections” method (an enjoyable and creative approach to learning jazz harmony)
  • Arranging music for solo guitar

Lesson schedule & Fees

Lessons are available in my studio weekdays (daytime, after school and evenings).

Summer lessons are also available.

½ hour – $25.00
45 min. – $37.50
1 Hour – $50.00